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Judges Corner

Miles Productions -- NPC Arizona
NPC Judging

Announcing Head Judges:

Peter Johnson -- email: Peternpcjudge@yahoo.com

Linda Eaton -- email: lindanpcjudge@gmail.com

I would like to explain how, under my direction as the Arizona NPC chairman and per NPC rules, the judging is done at all NPC shows in Arizona.

  • Every one of our judges has to go through a 3 to 4 hour certification course offered every year in February. (To those interested this is a free course)

  • Each new potential judge has to test judge twice at an Arizona NPC show and must pass with an 80% or higher score.

  • Each judge at every show is required to sign an Ethics Agreement.

  • Personal trainers that prep their athletes for an NPC Arizona show are not allowed to participate on the judging panel. (For Very Obvious Reasons!)

  • Sponsors of the show cannot judge. (Again, For Very Obvious Reasons!)

  • Each judge, will be introduced to all the athletes at the prejudging meeting.

  • The Head Judge does not judge. He is totally focused on all of the call outs.

  • After each judge is introduced I tell all the athletes that if there is a judge on the panel that you do not want judging your class, please let the Head Judge know, and he or she will be removed from your class. No questions asked! However, you must tell the Head Judge before the prejudging starts.

  • The Head Judge does not judge. He or she is totally focused on all of the call outs.

  • The Head Judge will usually call out 7 athletes for the first comparisons. Traditionally there are usually 5. I have directed the Head Judge to do this so the other judges have a better opportunity to compare athletes. If a judge thinks someone is possibly being over looked, he or she can ask the Head Judge to have that athlete added to the mix. This way all of the judges have an opportunity to include who they believe should be included in the comparisons. This seldom ever happens, but it is a safe guard I have put in place.

  • The high and low scores are thrown out.

  • Judges are to have no communications, including electronic communications, with any of the Athletes, Trainers, Audience, Family Members and/or Friends, until after the final placings have been announced and the trophies handed out.

  • We encourage every athlete to talk to the judges after the finals. This is the best time to do this. The show is fresh in their mind!

  • The judge's dress code is strictly enforced and each judge is to act in a professional manner at all times. They are also encouraged to do this even outside of the show when doing any activity that may be considered NPC business.

  • We have a lot of tools in the tool box to keep things honest and fair.

  • I encourage everyone to take the free judging clinic including athletes and personal trainers so they know what the judges are looking for {It surprises me how few show up. Everyone should go and ask questions and voice your opinions!!} I have always stated that the Athletes make the best judges. They know how much hard work goes into prepping for a show. I think they especially give the most attention, effort and respect that the athletes on stage deserve!!

I will leave you with this thought. I ask this at all prejudging meetings. "Have you ever sat down with a friend or loved one and agreed on all the placings after the trophies are handed out? Please raise your hand." To this day no one has ever raised their hand. This sport is subjective!!

Something else I always state at the meeting. "When your Mom, Dad, significant other, friends and especially, your personal trainer, tells you "You should have placed higher!!", what do you think the Moms, Dads, significant others, friends and Personal Trainers are saying about their athlete that finished behind you? Let's take a guess, shall we. "We should have placed higher!!" You are laughing right now because you know it's true?

Please come to the next Judging Clinic this February and voice your suggestions, concerns and questions. This is your state. Your NPC! Please get involved.

Thank you! Miles Nuessle AZ NPC Chairman