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Athlete: Jared Estrada
Instagram: jaredestrada
Age: 19 years old
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: 147 lbs.
Waist: 23 inches
Competition History/Recognitions:
Competed in 4 NPC Miles Productions Shows
1 National Level Show (USAs)
Won Steve Cooks Stacked Student Contest Search: Week 3
Teen Amateur of the Week (bodybuilding.com)
Mirin Volume 94 15 Amazing Bodies
Mirin Volume 107: 18 Incredible Physiques

I have been in a lot of team sports as a young kid, but I never enjoyed any of them. I grew up admiring my dad, who has been in numerous forums of martial arts, competed as a bodybuilder, and was a powerlifter at the time. He wanted me to be like his heroes (Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, & Jet Li), so he enrolled me in gymnastics at age 6, Kenpo at age 10, and Tae-Kwon-Do at age 11. Martial arts is really where I learned discipline and dedication. I would often wake up at 5 AM to stretch, balance, and try to blow out a candle with one punch.

Before my freshman year of high school, I got into my first fight, which is what really changed me. I was a skater boy at the time, and it basically tore me apart because I thought I knew how to fight. Well I knew how to kick and look pretty while doing it. I promised myself that I would never let my ego get the best of me again. I decided to quit Tae Kwon Do and join MMA. On top of that, I began to workout everyday with my dad. He showed me the proper forms and taught me the basics. If it was not for him I would not be where Iam at. I wanted to be better than him and I still do. I want to out-lift him and beat his records. At the time he had 95% of his knee left and still squatting and deadlifting 600 plus lbs. His bench was around 450 pounds and he only weighed 180 pounds.

Throughout High school, I would go straight from the gym to MMA, and if I did not have a ride I would jog or skate there. I was murdering myself, trying to re-build some of the confidence I lost from that fight. I saw results immediately and decided to compete in my first Powerlifting Competition when I was 13. I competed throughout high school. I did eight powerlifting competitions total and still hold three Arizona state records for the Natural Athletes Strength Association. Powerlifting was fun but really wanted to get into bodybuilding. It was not until the summer of my senior year (2013), I met with someone who told me about this new division, Mens Physique. He thought I would do rather well in the show and offered to show me how to pose. He showed me how to pose while I did my own diet to prep for the show. I did a short 6 week prep and hopped in the Terminator hosted in Tucson by Miles Productions. I was 17 at the time, I only planned on doing the teen class but Miles convinced me to do the Open class as well and I ended up taking 1 st in Teen class and 1st in Mens Open Class A.

I competed in 4 other shows since then and basically been addicted to competing and challenging myself. Three of the shows I competed in were Miles, which keep getting better every time. I like the way Miles takes time to listen to what the athletes want, and makes sure his shows are all about the athletes. The way he organizes Finals is unbeatable. All athletes get plenty of stage time unlike other shows I competed in; they would have their athletes walk on stage while they read their name, hit one pose, then walk off. In Miles shows, they read the athletes bio while the athletes hit their poses, then step to the backline, still being visible to their friends and family who came out to support them. Athletes work so hard for their physiques and Miles makes sure that they get to show it off in his shows.

I love competing because it is challenging to balance it out with my life. It teaches me how to prioritize my life, and shows me what I can overcome. It has been especially hard to compete since I am a full-time student (transferred from U of A), have a full-time girlfriend (basically with her 24/7), and part-time associate at In N Out Burger (getting off at 2 a.m. most nights).

My current goals are to get my NASM Certification and compete for my Pro Card while remaining in school in order to earn my doctors degree in optometry.

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