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Trainers Pass


  • This includes an NPC card which is good for the calendar year.
  • This NPC card is mandated by the NPC that no one can be back stage with out a current NPC card for insurance reasons.
  • Entry to pre-judging and the night show.
  • Access to the backstage area to help clients.
  • If you have a current NPC card your cost is $125

(Prejudging is $18 - Night show is $36 - NPC card is $125 - That is a total of $179 That leaves a balance of $56 for the privilege of being back stage to help your athlete get ready for the show.)

Remember the NPC card is good for the calender year not one year from the date of purchase. The Trainers pass is valid for one show. You will need to purchase a new trainers pass for each show.

  1. You must wear a wrist band at all times. Any tampering with the bands in any way, you will loose your band and have to purchase another.
  2. No Trainers will be allowed in the staging area.
  3. Listen to all and any instructions by our staff.
  4. Be willing to help other competitors as well.
  5. Be polite and considerate to all backstage.
  6. When not helping your clients please go out front and find an empty seat. Do not hang out backstage during the show. This would cause way too much congestion.
  7. Have fun!

First step to obtaining a trainers pass is to send a money order to the address listed below. When picking up your trainers pass at the ticket booth the day of the show please fill out the NPC card. This card will come with your pass. Give the NPC card back to the box office, I will pick theme up after the show and mail the cards in. Please try to purchase passes early. Contact Kim Nuessle by e-mail kim@miles151.com if you have further questions.

Please mail in a cashiers check or money order to:

Miles Nuessle
7250 W Fallen Leaf
Peoria, Arizona 85383

Make check payable to: Miles Nuessle

If you can not purchase your pass prior to the days leading up to the show, you or your client can buy the pass at the weight-in's on Friday night.

If absolutely necessary, you can contact Kim at 480-797-8612 to buy a pass the day of the show.