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Calen Breaux

Age: 26

Weight: 155lbs

Waist: 28 inch

Instagram: cb_classicphysique

Miles Production events 2012 2013 2014 2015 and 2016


I am a father of two very amazing children, Roman and Raelyn, with a always supportive fiance named Olivia. My interest in fitness and competition came at a young age. I was always in sports from the time I could run. I have always been athletic, playing mostly football and basketball. I watched bodybuilding growing up and was always fascinated with the ability to improve your physique, but never gave it a thought as a journey I would be taking.

I had been diagnosed with a rare blood disease in High School, called Guillian Barre Syndrome which left me paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheel chair. I was 120lbs and couldn’t play sports or even walk. There was no known cure and I was forced to make a choice. So I fought trying to get better every day, and after a long journey, I was able to walk. I found that weight lifting was a way I can improve myself and still have that "team football nature." As I kept lifting, I gradually got bigger and stronger, yet competing never even crossed my mind. I had gained the confidence to finally step on stage after Miles came up to me after hanging a poster in the gym I was working out at, and telling me about a new division called Mens Physique, and that I should try to go to one.

I took a leap of faith and did my first show, which was the Miles Production Felicia Romero 2012, where I placed 5th place. I was immediately hooked and have placed top 5 in the last 6 shows. The experience was so amazing, that I encouraged my older brother Bryce Breaux to step on stage with, as he and I have similar builds, and he is there at every show along side me. I love the way the shows are ran it was definitely a rewarding and memorable experience. The events were organized and the competitors were friendly and supportive, because we were all doing something that we were all passionate about. After my experience, Miles gave me the opportunity to reach out to the judges as well as himself to help me make improvements for my future shows. This input was constructive and allowed me critic myself so I can look my best.

I look forward to transferring to the new Classic Physique Class in 2016 and I am excited to see where my journey takes me as I try to reach my pro card. I also look forward to helping those who have gone through similar struggles in life. I appreciate Miles Productions for allowing me to share my story as well as my experience competing.

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