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John Diaz

Age: 34

Weight: 174lbs

Waist: 30 inch

Instagram: jdiaz480
~ Miles Production Desert Storm 2015
~ Border States 2015

My interest in fitness and exercise began shortly after I moved from San Diego to Arizona. Immediately I was hooked. My first few years of training were challenging, as I did not have much guidance, let alone experience. I would experiment with different routines, spend hours at the gym and modify my diet with slow, gradual improvement. Was I doing something wrong? I was determined. I wanted to change my body. I wanted to be bigger, stronger and more shredded. I began to research and compile routines that my body would respond to. I began to see drastic changes! I enjoyed the challenge of slightly altering workouts to maximize my results.

Competing never even crossed my mind. I just wanted to make these changes for myself. Personally, I could never picture myself in board shorts, posing in front of a panel of judges and an auditorium full of people. And personally, with myself as my worst critic, I wasn’t 100% completely happy with my physique. I could always see room for improvement. One thing was for sure, I definitely had the determination and the dedication. With the support of my friends and my amazing fiancé, I gained the confidence to finally step on stage.

My first show was Miles Production Desert Storm 2015. I not only had great support, but I also had the guidance of Louie Nasta of AZ Bodyzone and my buddy IFBB Pro, Michael Ramirez. With this being my first competitive physique competition, I had no idea what to expect. It was definitely a rewarding and memorable experience. The event was well organized and the competitors were friendly and supportive. There was a great camaraderie; since we were all doing something that we were all passionate about. The support and energy helped me overcome my anxiety about stepping on stage. After my experience, Miles gave me the opportunity to reach out to the judges as well as himself to help me make improvements for my future shows. This input was constructive and allowed me critic myself so I can look my best.

I look forward to transferring to the new Classic Physique Class next year and am excited to see where my journey takes me. I appreciate Miles Productions in allowing me to share my story as well as my first experience competing.

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