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John PiecuchMP Muscle Guy Gallery

Athlete: John Piecuch

Age: 33 years
Height: 5'8' 3/8
Weight: 170 LBS.
Waist 30'

I Have always been athletic growing up. As a boy I was involved with Martial arts and Football. I got into lifting weights when I was 14 years old, I really started lifting to gain size for High School Football. Being a smaller guy I needed strength and speed to compensate for being undersized. I was approached by the Powerlifting coach my Freshman at my High school to join the weightlifting team being naturally strong I was able to do very well in state due to competitions were judged by weight being in the light weight division, I was able to out lift some guys in the Heavyweight division so I would always place well. I continued lifting weights to present day always lifting heavy thinking I could never get to the level of maintaining show worthy physique.

One day I reached to two friends that I went to High School with Rudy Hernandez NPC competitor and coach of Team HTC and Kelly Schmidt IFBB pro and coach of team AIP. I asked them both do you think? Do I have the base to get into shape to compete in men’s physique? Both said yes but it’s going to take hard work , discipline and dedication. From lifting so heavy for so many years I have had shoulder surgery "total Bankart repair" and ACL and MCL surgery on my knee. After a few weeks training with Rudy Hernandez my shoulders and knees quit hurting and I started to feel more energy from eating clean. Physically I did not ache any longer by lifting light with high reps. With eating clean and staying hydrated I was able to kick all of my blood pressure medicine that I was taking for a Brain a disease that I was diagnosed with in 2012 "Ciari One malformation" which meant no more migraine headaches for me that I was dealing with on a daily basis. After seeing all the results I was hooked!

I competed in my first competition at the NPC Natural Western competition on March 20 and 21 taking 6th in my class, The following week I competed in the Natural Outlaw taking 4th place in my class. The two competition were hosted by Miles Productions which well organized, great flow they walk you through how the show works from start to finish with solid pre show meetings and registration was seamless j only taking a few minutes. Huge thank you to the super friendly hosts "Miles and Kim Nuessle". I would recommend to anyone to register and compete in this great production company! In September I plan on competing in the production "Desert Storm" and November show "Felicia Romero Classic"

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