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Kelly SchmidtMP Muscle Guy Gallery

Athlete: Kelly Schmidt

My passion for exercise and fitness began when I was about 16 years old in high school. I was always the little guy. I went into high school at around 80 lbs. and graduated at a weight of 115 lbs. at 18 years old. I figured if I was going to be the small guy I might as well try and pack some muscle on. Working out became my passion and soon became my career. I became a personal trainer at 20 years old. The first few years in the training industry were very hard for me. I was surrounded by great trainers with impressive and extensive backgrounds and experience. As I began to build my own career, I lacked experience and was often not taken seriously due to my size and the fact I looked so young. I knew one thing however... I knew that I wanted fitness to be my life and I was willing to do whatever it took to live my passion. Well here we are 15 years later and I have made my passion a very successful career! I stayed true to my path and have established myself in the fitness community. I have at some point dabbled in every aspect of the fitness industry! I continue to set goals and destroy them! Along my fitness journey's I was always impressed by bodybuilders and competitors. Up until 2011 there would have never been a chance for me to compete as a bodybuilder. I still lacked the size necessary to be successful in that arena. Thanks to the NPC and IFBB opening up a new division in 2011 called men's physique, I finally had a platform to showcase all of my hard-work and be competitive against other guys such as myself. The criteria for men's physique was supposed to essentially be a "beach body" look, hence the board shorts that are worn today. They wanted a lean muscular athletically conditioned body. I thought hey, I could do this! It was exciting! I did my first show in 2012, Miles Productions Terminator in Tucson AZ. I had no clue what I was doing and at that point the division was so new that there weren't many people available to help me prepare. I did the best I could with the knowledge and experience I had. My first show I placed 3rd in my division! I was ecstatic, and I found a whole new passion had been ignited. Since then I have competed in 8 different men's physique events and have had great success in all of them. My last show I achieved the highest point you can go in the NPC. I was awarded 1st place in my first national event, and earning my pro status I joined the ranks as an IFBB Physique Pro. I not only want to be a great competitor I want to be a great coach/trainer. I believe to coach or train people whether it be a regular client or for competition you must lead by example. This is why I have immersed myself in this industry in all aspects! I always strive to excel and out do myself in whatever I do! I love my career! Training and coaching people on their fitness journeys has never lost its zest! My ultimate goal in life is to be a life coach and a motivational speaker! I want to help people internally and mentally, as well as physically. Nothing feels better then being part of something great with another human being! I am truly blessed with my life and career! I always hope to inspire others! I've had a lot of help along the way! I am thankful to, and for so many great people who have helped me along the way! I hope I can always offer the same help and guidance to others. I'd like to give a special thanks to Miles and Kim Nuessle for giving me and many other aspiring competitors a platform to start our journey! There are so many great promotors in this sport and Miles is second to none! He truly cares about his athletes and puts on great shows! Through my journey's I not only know Miles and Kim as great promotors, but I now know them as friends! I look forward to seeing their growth and the growth of the sport. I am proud to be an NPC and IFBB competitor.

Kelly Schmidt

Kelly Schmidt IFBB PRO AIP Fitness Systems


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