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Tracy TeitelbaumSEE PAST WINNERS

Tracy Teitelbaum

Hello my name is Tracy teitelbaum. I want to share my life story. Of course it's a short version. Born and raised in Beverly Hills. My father was a very well known criminal lawyer. My mother a full blown alcoholic. I am the youngest out of five. Fast forward 15 years later. My dream to be a professional bowler. One night in a league, I was going for a perfect game. All of a sudden I wake up at UCLA hospital. After 3 weeks they said that I have epilepsy. I was devastated. From 16 to 18 years old I had over 100 seizures. 18 years old got married and moved to Hawaii. One day my brother called me and said dad just died of a heart attack on a plane to Guatemala. Not even 19 years old yet i was devastated. A year later went back to visit my mom in Beverly Hills. She was dead in bed. Alcohol overdose with pain pills. Coroner said been passed away three days... the scene was horrifying.. 20 years old still on medication for seizures. So depressed, I consumed myself with body building in Hawaii. At age 23, my wife and I got arrested for major drug dealing with 35 felony counts. Hired a lawyer. His advice run, so we did. Lived a careful life in Arizona. 7 years later got pulled over for a ticket. Yes, got arrested authorities notified Hawaii. Three months passed. Hawaii Dropped the case. A breath of fresh air. Finally a new life. I became a fitness trainer and my wife and I also opened up a furniture moving company. The seizures went away after 22 years. The medicine gave me severe osteoporosis. Doctors told me it was so advanced that I should quit lifting. Me hell no (Lol). 600 shows later I am still here. I may not be the best, but I am the most consistent bodybuilder in the world. I have been in 7 organizations. Without a doubt, Miles Productions is superior and is in a class by themselves. I have been with Miles from day one. I truly respect and love this man as much as I love any family member. His wife Kim... well, well look up the word phenomenal and there's her picture. Their staff is my second family. I keep saying that I am going to retire but I cant. People, nothing is impossible. When you think that, just say "I am possible". Remember, keep your mind right and your body tight. Get up on that stage, and will love it and have a new family.

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