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Ali PetersonMP Muscle Girl Gallery

Aly Peterson
Mother of 4, Registered Nurse, Bikini Competitor

Facebook: www.facebook.com/aly.peterson.3

Instagram: www.instagram.com/alypeterson4

Competition History:

March 2014 Natural Western USA - 1st Place Bikini Jr Master's Medium

November 2013 Western Regional Championships- 2nd Place Bikini Jr Masters Medium

My story:

I'm actually very new to the sport of bikini competition. I first heard about it when my friend/co-worker, Amber Acosta, competed in the Miles Productions 2013 NPC Natural Western Open. She had an amazing transformation and had such good things to say about the whole experience. So, I decided that I wanted to give it a try! In Aug of 2013, I went online and found a personal trainer who had competed for many years in bodybuilding. I worked hard and saw some great changes. I went into my first competition, the Miles Productions Nov 2013 Western Regional Championships, without too many expectations, knowing that it would be a great learning experience. I was so excited to receive 2nd place! I could tell, though, that my posing wasn't up to par.

At that show, I couldn't help but notice the presence of the girls that were part of Team Az Pro, from Az Pro Physiques. So many of them won their classes and they were so proficient at posing! I gave them a call and met with the owners, Whitney Jones and Damian Segovia. I knew right away that this was where I wanted to be. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Team Az Pro family!

My second show was the Miles Productions 2014 Natural Western USA. I felt much more confident going into this one, mostly due to the weekly posing practice that we had at Az Pro. I was ecstatic to receive 1st place! Thank you to my coach, Damian, for all of his support and hard work to help me to improve and succeed!

About a week after the second show, I received an email that said that I had won a photo shoot from Body Photage! I had entered the raffle at their booth, which they always do at our local shows. Yay!! I'd like to thank them for the amazing photos that they have provided for me. They are such wonderful, talented people. Their work is diverse, so just let them know your vision. They are open to any ideas or suggestions. The quality of their work speaks for itself and I appreciate all that they have done for me.

Thank you to Miles Productions: I'd like to thank Miles Productions, Miles himself and his beautiful wife, Kim, for the amazing shows that they provide. All of their staff are courteous and helpful. They go out of their way to accommodate the athletes. The shows run extremely smoothly, especially given the fact that there were over 500 athletes in the Nov 2013 show! Miles always puts the athletes first, and works hard to consider any suggestions or concerns that they have. The Mesa Arts Center, where they hold their events, is a beautiful venue for the shows to take place in.

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