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Brandy "Red" SmithMP Muscle Girl Gallery

A trainer approached me one day at the gym and said I had a good physique for figure bodybuilding. Not knowing what that was I attended an NPC Miles Productions show in November 2009. That was such an amazing show, filled with the most dedicated hard working people I have ever seen. I was hooked and prepared myself for my 1st NPC Miles Productions show in March of 2010, where I accomplished the Figure Overall win at my 1st competition. The staff was amazing and I really felt like they cared about us athletes backstage. If I was ever nervous, they made me laugh, if I was ever lost, they helped me find my way. A very professional team!

So I decided to do another Miles Productions show 4 months later. Another great experience. The Miles Team were so organized, especially with the huge posted poster of the order in which the athletes would be on stage and the estimated time they would need to line up for the stage. That is such a great help when you are trying to get your hair, makeup and tanning touch ups done!

Again, I won the Overall at the Arizona Open in 2010. The judges encouraged me to try Nationals, which I did a week later, USA Championships in Las Vegas, taking 11th place.

Since then I became something I never thought I could ever do, influence others and motivate them into believing in themselves, work hard for what you want and not give up.

I was lucky enough to be added to the Miles Productions family and work backstage as an expeditor with all the competitors, calming them down as I line them up. Make them smile when their nerves take over, give them a hug when they need support. It's so far been an incredible journey. I still compete in figure bodybuilding around the United States, train others who develop a passion for the sport and became a motivational speaker to adolescents. It's a wonderful life and it's only getting better!

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