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Category competed in: Bikini
Date of birth: December 8TH, 1989
Hometown: Bucharest, Romania
Career: NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Online Coaching/ Posing: carmendq0@gmail.com
VMI Sports Sponsored Athlete
VFIT, Redneck Rhino Athlete
Freak of Nature FON Lady Beast Sponsored Athlete

Competition history:
July 2015 Arizona Open
Placed 2nd in Bikini Novice Class B
Placed 1st in Bikini Open Class C
November 2015 Felicia Romero Classic
Class winner Bikini Class D 1st Place

I grew up on the other side of the world, Eastern Europe, in a small country named Romania. This is where you heard about Dracula and also where castles are a big attraction. I was more Americanized than my other friends just because I used to go to church all the time and half of the people I knew were American, and half of my family had already flew in the US after the Revolution we had the month I was born, running away from communism. I was born along with the freedom of the country, freedom of the people and it had a big influence on who I wanted to be when I grew up. I have always considered myself a Free Child.

Long story short, I moved here when I was 19 years old, almost 7 years ago. The change was brutal, I had lost all my friends; my life turned completely 360 and I had to start a new life with my family here. I remember the first 3 months were the worst. I didnt like it. Everything was different. The food didnt taste the same, the chocolate wasnt the same, the sky had a different color, the smell was unknown. Even now, after almost 7 years I still experience new things every single day. That experience alone changed me. It made me stronger, it helped my understanding of being on my own .. and not being afraid of new things. I think thats where I get my adventurous personality from.

How it all began.

Ive always been skinny. Not a good skinny, just skin and bones type of skinny. I never ate enough, I was always unhappy with myself. I didnt like my shoulders because they were to broad- kids used to make fun of me, calling me a boy growing up. I had a bad habit of living an unhealthy life and not caring about what I put in my body.

But things changed..

I still remember about 5 years ago how I was scrolling through my Facebook and I saw Michelle Lewin. I didnt understand how someone can look like that. Was it fake? Was it all surgeries? Her abs were the abs I wanted. How could I get that? – was my question pretty much every day.

I started working out! I noticed a small difference in the way my body was looking.. I started feeling better about myself. Unfortunately, I was surrounded by a toxic group of people that was so unsupportive of my desire of getting fit/ starting to compete. All I would hear was that I will start looking like a man, or that my butt will get too big.. It was a desire I had for a couple years, until I said Thats it! No more

I left that relationship I was in, I started a new life on my own AGAIN and I honestly had never been happier. I got a normal Office job, I met new people. People that loved me, accepted me for who I was and pushed me to pursue my dreams. My training at that point wasnt really serious. I wasnt committed to it, because I was scared. What if I dont place? What if I make a fool out of myself? Those were the thoughts that were running through my head. I remember making a wish for New Years in 2014, that on January 1st, I will commit 100 percent to whatever it takes for me to start my training, commit to a new life, a new me. I needed closure with my past. And so I did!

Training started 18 weeks out from my first show in July 2015, NPC Arizona Open. Picking out my bikini, seeing my body completely change, along with my self confidence was unbelievable. Im not saying its easy, but it is possible if you give it all. The last 4 weeks were the hardest for me, because all the negative thoughts started to come back, and started to make me doubt myself. I will honestly say I was feeling like I was fighting myself every day for 4 weeks. I didn’t tell anyone, because I knew the answer would be the same: you got this, you will do great. I didnt want to hear that.. all I wanted to know was that I will do this on my own. Fight the battle and win the war.

Day of the show came, my nerves were sky high, I did not know anyone backstage, I was alone. Stage time came fast also, I remember being backstage and hearing the people scream for the girls in front of me, and my only worry was to not trip on my heels and for something bad to happen. I remember hearing my friends chanting my number and name in the same time when my turn came, and my body shaking while I was staring the judges in the eye.

I got first call- outs! WHAT? I was right in the middle, later to find out that I got second Place in Novice and 1st PLACE in OPEN?! That was unreal. The Overall at the end of the night was crazy, everyone was screaming but I didn’t take it, and didnt even care. All I wanted to do was go backstage, take my trophy and tiara and run in the arms of my amazing supportive boyfriend just so I could see his face and hear his voice. I was so happy! I had never been that happy and never felt that accomplished in my entire life. That kept me going, and second show was November 2015 the Felicia Romero Classic! I had gotten 1st Place in Open also, in the Overall I fell in second.

The achievement feeling that I have when I see my trophies is all that I need to keep going. I am Pro Bound and my end goal is to become an Olympian.

Having the opportunity to become a National Athlete through NPC Mile Show is amazing. The staff is very organized; they have everything you need backstage. So friendly and helpful, I was and still am impressed. I want to officially thank the Miles Team for putting such a great show together and believing in their athletes.

The Miles Show is where winners start their journey.

Also, a big Thank you to my partner and boyfriend Kevin, thank you for trusting my dream and holding my hand along the way; I couldnt have done it without you. All my friends and family, Thank you for being so supportive!

My trainer Derrick Hannifin & Jason Strayhand CEO of FON thank you for every word of encouragement, for believing in me and having me part of the FON Team!

All my sponsors, companies and photographers I work with, THANK YOU!

At the end of my story I want to tell everyone, YOU CAN DO IT! Follow your dreams, and you will never work a day in your life. If I did it, coming from a completely different part of the world, why cant you?

We are all winners, no matter what. Dont forget that!

© Copyright 2003-2007 Miles Productions