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Danielle PresslerSEE PAST WINNERS

Name: Danielle Nicole Pressler
D.O.B: 11-06-1985
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 165
Occupation: Massage Therapist/Cosmetologist/ISSA Personal Trainer
Athletic Stats: NPC Bikini/Figure competitor and Powerlifter
March 2010 Bikini
July 2012 Bikini 5th Place
March 2014 Tucson Bikini 4th Place
March 2014 Phoenix 9th Place
March 2015 Tucson Figure 1st Place Novice and 5th Place Open

Growing up I never was much of an athlete, and some would venture to say I was more of the rebellious type. When I first made the decision to step foot into a gym, my intention was to fall in love with running. I had set a goal to complete a 5k and began my journey as a cardio queen. Slowly but surely I was introduced to weight lifting. It was not long after that initial introduction that I began to understand the importance and the value.

Faces in the gym also began to become familiar and I found myself meeting some pretty incredible people. It was a woman by the name of Crystal who first mentioned competing as something I might be interested in. That night I went home and after an extremely lengthy Google session, I decided I wanted to compete. My first show was a disaster. I learned the hard way exactly what NOT to do, but I knew from that moment on… Miles Productions would be where I found my competition home.

After a few more experiences in the Bikini Competition world, I decided to work towards a Figure Competition. During my last show in Tucson, I believe I found my niche. Competing as a Figure athlete was the most fun I have had, and I am looking forward to another in March 2016.

Currently I am training as a Powerlifter and preparing to compete in my first meet at the Europa Phoenix in October 2015. I absolutely love the fitness industry and have been so blessed to be a part of Miles Productions. The love they show the athletes, as well as the consideration for our needs and comfort is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Miles and Kim, for your support and encouragement!

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