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Redd MekelburgMP Muscle Girl Gallery

Redd Mekelburg

Instagram: @Reddysetfit Twitter: @Reddysetfit Blog: www.Reddysetfit.com

Competition History: Miles Production AZ Open July 2014 Future: Phoenix Europa October 2014

About Redd:

I am 32 year old wife to a techy guy and a mom of one busy second grade boy. I am originally from Minnesota but have been in the Phoenix area for more that 19 years. After graduating high school, I attended the Carstens Aveda Institute in Tempe to become a cosmetologist. It was in color class that I received the nickname Redd and and it has stuck with me ever since! I’ve been a hairstylist now for over 13 years and have a studio in the East Valley.

Although I'm new to the bikini competition industry, I am not new to the active lifestyle. Growing up I was involved in golf, mainly playing on summer leagues with youth and even a womans league. I dabbled in gymnastics and tennis lessons briefly but golf was more of my focus. Over time I developed an interest in hiking and running. In 2011 I began training for half marathons and crossed my first finish line at the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Strip at Night race. For the next 3 years I ran 9 half marathons, one of which was on a treadmill, and will be preparing for another this November all while training for the October Phoenix Europa show. Running that many in such a short amount of time has taken a bit of a toll on my body so I need to turn to something with a little less impact. A good friend of mine approached my about getting into competing and after sitting on it for a few months, I began training for my first show. I trained with AZ Pro Physiques for the Miles AZ Open. I had such a great first experience, not just in my physical changes by working with AZ Pro for 13 weeks but also the 2 days at the Miles AZ Open. It was clear that Miles and Kim have the competitors best interest in mind and strive to give the athletes a positive outlook on the industry.

I have such a passion for living a healthy lifestyle in fitness and food that I created a blog filled with ideas for recipes, workouts and my take on a health fitness products. My goal is to give others encouragement as well as show them this lifestyle does not need to involve boring food and you can bring in your workout of choice!

Future goals:

Nutrition Certificate
Personal Training Certificate
Create an Ebook of recipes for my famous Protein Pancakes
Receive Sponsorship through a known company

Five Fun Facts: 1. Began skiing at the age of 4
2. I want to learn how to play the drums
3. Would trade my 1700 square foot house with a pool for a 700 square foot apartment in NYC
4. I do not like cheese on my pizza
5. In my Starbucks days I loved working the early-crazy-busy Black Friday shift

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