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Tricia ZacchiniMP Muscle Girl Gallery

Athlete: Tricia Zacchini
Instagram: @lifting_tnt
Competition History:
Europa-2017 Womens Bikini Masters 3rd place
Europa-2017 Womens Bikini Open 5th place

I have always been somewhat of a healthy person. An athlete in my younger years, active and into hiking, running, basketball, and going to the gym. However, as I hit my mid-30s with a career, travel, 3 children, 2 dogs, and a husband, I found myself last on the priority list. I found no room do anything for myself let alone hitting the gym! Well… what came along with that also came along the weight gain! I was 30 ILBS over weight, (it seemed like overnight), and knew this could get worse if I didn’t address it right then and there. My husband who is my biggest supporter suggested I do a bikini competition. He knew the only way that I would do this for me is if I had goal and committed to something with a beginning an end.

It was the best decision I have ever made! I had no idea that it would teach me not only the right way to work out, but how 85% of losing weight and getting in shape is clean eating. Eating is everything! What you eat, how often you eat, and how much you eat is key! The best part about this is that I do it with my husband and my best friend! It’s a part of our life both on and off the stage! We feel great and have met the most incredible people along the way! We are both competitive, but the greatest thing about competing is that you’re competing against yourself. You know the time, the effort, and the sacrifices you took to get there.

With the new season around the corner and new goals that have been set, I can’t wait to step on stage again soon! Miles puts on a great show! The Staff is incredible and it’s extremely organized and professional! It’s great to see all the familiar faces and new ones! So excited for 2019 and couldn’t do this without the love of my life by my side!

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